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    Instagram Social Media


    Do you know a social media platform that drives crazy engagement with visuals? And where do multiple image posts drive most of the traffic? 


    Yeah, I am talking about Instagram! The most famous social media platform with more than 1 billion monthly active users and India’s largest audience. 


    So, it’s high time we leverage this photo and video sharing platform to grow our businesses because who doesn’t!



    Instagram is no longer just a photo and video sharing app. It’s more of a platform where businesses showcase their products and services, increase engagement, and then redirect traffic to their websites or e-commerce sites. 


    And with visual content dominating social-media landscapes, Instagram is more relevant than before both for small businesses and big corporate giants.


    With most of the marketers favouring visual content with images and videos over text content in 2021, it’s safe to recommend visual content with faster engagement than any other form of digital content. 

    This is the reason why Instagram’s user base in India is projected to increase to 319.41 million users by 2025, and we businesses must always follow the trend.

    Why multiple-image posts 


    In 2021, it’s evident that visual content with images and videos sell more than text content but why multiple image posts, aka Instagram carousels. 


    This is so because a customer craves visual content, and just one image won’t engage them, and they would scroll, but with carousels, you get faster engagement. 


    You could use Instagram carousels with themed images to tell your unique brand story with a personal touch. 


    And yeah, you get to push users to consume more of your content as they get curious as to what is there in the next pages of the carousel; hence, they engage. 


    Most importantly, use Instagram to show, not just tell some tips in the form of texts as people share memes more than tips. 


    And if you want to increase engagement, multiple-image posts or Instagram carousels are the way to grow your business.

    Five Ways to use Instagram’s multiple-image posts

    • Educate your customers


    Suppose you are a business that sells products that require prior knowledge to operate, like, some manual assembly or a complex technical procedure. 


    So, in such a case, enlightening your audience about the hidden features or giving out some tips and tricks could prove beneficial for the company.


    Additionally, documentations aren’t always enough to highlight the value of your product to the customers. You should explain the steps in an aesthetic way with images in Instagram’s carousel. 


    Use models to explain technical procedures and images to show manual assembly. Because if your customers don’t understand the product, how could they use it to solve their problems?


    • Showcase Your Products


    Featuring your products on Instagram can win you a great amount of eCommerce engagement as most Instagram users engage with brands. 


    With multiple images in Instagram’s carousel, you could place your product photos in a themed arrangement and tell your brand story. This way, curate the best Instagram experience for your customers instead of displaying a catalogue. 


    And try to use catchy captions to immerse the audience into your own story.


    • Difference Between Before and After


    What’s more appealing than the result of using the product? You could deliver your product’s value in the form of problems it would solve if used. 


    People like comparison, and with Instagram’s carousel, you could showcase comparison along the way and make your customer realize your product’s value in daily life.  


    Like, for instance, use images to portray a situation where there are problems, and your product is not used. Now, use another image to show how your product solved the problem.


    By displaying the before and after picture, you’ll compel your customers to buy your product as they’ll realize they couldn’t possibly live without it.

    • Unique Content Always Wins


    Instagram being a media-centric social media platform, enables you to fascinate your audience with unique content. You could share knowledgeable how-tos or tips and tricks related to some processes. 


    You could be the next company to present them with something new and unique to satisfy their curiosities. And what better way to teach someone than using carousels and multiple images to show all the steps involved in a unique manner. 


    And always remember, your audience is curious; that’s why they are scrolling Instagram and craving content. 


    • Showcasing Best Snapshots of a Past Event


    In today’s busy world, customers may miss an event due to their hectic schedules. And they also expect a brand to enlighten them about the event highlights. 


    This is where you come in. You could showcase the highlights of a great football match by creating an engaging carousel displaying, in short, how the goals happened and who scored them. 


    Capture the best moments in the form of the excitement of winning team players and some snapshots of goals.


    Also, try to showcase highlights of your past event. Customers expect to know about the events involving their favourite brand or products, and it may happen that they’d miss an event. 


    It’s your duty to keep them posted about all the important moments and highlights as images in carousels that engage the customer.  

    How to Set Up an Instagram Carousel


    • To create your own carousel, follow the basic steps to create a post. Once you reach the stage to select photos, click on “select multiple”.


    • Then, select the images in the order you want them to be displayed. Like, 1st image goes on the 1st page of the carousel and so on.


    • Now click on -> (next) and select filters for different pages and then click on -> (next).


    • Now, as usual, tag people, add location, and post. See, it’s that simple!


    Nivedita Roy

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