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    Social Media


    Have you ever thought of deleting your Facebook page? One of the stepping-stones in online marketing, a Facebook page is crucial for any business. Then, why would someone even think of deleting it?




    Being one of the largest social media networks worldwide, Facebook has an enormous 2.89 billion monthly active users as of 2021. 


    It is evident that Facebook has a significant influence on its users; thus, it’s great for brand advertising and online marketing. 


    But why are companies and marketers deleting their Facebook pages, which is something suicidal? Are you one of the businesses saying no to Facebook? 


    Let’s see why people are stressing about deleting their Facebook page.


    Why delete a Facebook page? 


    There are many reasons why businesses would delete a Facebook page, but here are the essential ones:


    • You wouldn’t believe that Facebook drives a big chunk of your website traffic away from your business website. 


    And all your ecommerce efforts are driving revenue for Facebook’s ecommerce platform. 


    It’s like you must give a cut of your profit as you’re running a business on rented land.    


    • You might also feel that Facebook is hard to manage. And you’re right! You need to cater to the audience that Facebook offers rather than shaping your own audience for your brand. 


    And this is becoming harder with Facebook taking control of most of the content that goes out, and even the marketing aspect is not so good.


    • Many feel that Facebook fan numbers are misleading, with their significant portion consisting of fake profiles. 


    And these Facebook fans can damage your brand as Facebook will promote your business to people you don’t want to market.


    • Also, Facebook frequently changes its promotion algorithm, and there isn’t any accurate data to measure its ROI. 


    And companies feel that organic data and non-paid campaigns get bashed by Facebook. Moreover, the new update in Facebook’s Ad policy restricted small-to-medium pages to 250 ads per page. 


    This shows how Facebook is removing manual controls from advertising tools, thus, forcing advertisers to adopt automated optimization tools.


    When to not delete a Facebook page? 


    Facebook may be getting some hits from marketers, but it’s not completely obsolete yet. 


    Facebook still has the potential to grow a business, so hang on to your Facebook page if you notice any of the following points:


    • You are accomplishing something. 


    Some people expect Facebook to have a large ROI as it is the largest social network in the world. But that’s not always possible. 


    The ROI may be limited, but it is legit and has a large customer base, more than any other platform. 


    It may be that Facebook isn’t fulfilling your vision of being viral with a thousand fans, but it indeed provides some benefit to your business.


    And, traffic is profit, be it in the form of conversions, positive engagement.   


    • You get at least some traffic


    Facebook is not entirely dead yet and can be a potential source of revenue. Many people lose faith in Facebook in just a couple of months. 


    But that’s a huge mistake, and you must hold on to it for at least six months. 


    And if you are getting some traffic in terms of likes, comments, shares, or any form of traction, you must not throw in the towel yet.


    • You just love it


    The thing is, if you like Facebook, you’d probably know the best ways to interact and market on it. 


    And you would be willing to hold on to it if you had a positive experience on Facebook. 


    And if you feel passionate about marketing on Facebook, you’ll also love your fans; thus, your marketing efforts will be successful. 


    Every social media platform, be it Twitter or Facebook, have different purposes and different customer bases.


    So, you need to figure out where your audience is socializing. 


    This way, if your liking is following your audience’s favorites, you’ll rock it on Facebook.  


    How to delete a Facebook page? 


    Don’t sweat if you’re a classic Facebook user or a new one; we’ve got you covered. Following are the step-by-step process on how to delete a Facebook page on desktop:


    • Firstly, log in to your Facebook account (Yeah, I know a fundamental step, but it must be included).


    • Now in your news feed, navigate to the left menu and click on Pages.


    • Once you arrive on your page, find the Page Settings option (like a gear icon) and click on it. The setting is in the top right for classic Facebook users and in the bottom left for new Facebook users.


    • From General, click on Remove Page and then click “delete [Your page name].”


    • And finally, the most crucial step, click Delete Page and then Ok. You’ve successfully deleted your Facebook page. You’d have 14 days to restore your Page by canceling the permanent deletion.


    But what if you change your mind midway in these 14 days and decide to bring back your Facebook page? Yeah, you could do that by following the steps below:


    • Log in to your Facebook account; yeah, that pretty essential step.


    • Now go to your Facebook page within 14 days of scheduling its deletion.


    • New Facebook users need to click the Page Settings option in the bottom left, and classic Facebook users need not.


    • Click Cancel Deletion on top of your page, click confirm, and then okay!




    Facebook is still the largest social networking site with people on it. These people are your audience and could be potential customers. 


    You need to decide by weighing different factors affecting your online marketing on Facebook from a business perspective. 


    Like, for instance, Is the ROI good? Are you getting decent traffic? Are you able to make conversions? Is there any positive engagement? 


    And please give Facebook a chance! Instead of deleting your page and losing all your likes, comments, and engagement data, you could unpublish the page.


    Also, keep in mind that there are successful businesses worldwide, making it big on Facebook.


    Nivedita Roy

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