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    Instagram Social Media
    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels


    Do you and your friend both struggle to post the same content twice if you want to share your most cherished memories?

    Did you know about Instagram’s new collaboration feature in India that helps creators reach a wider audience?

    Follow this guide to know everything about Instagram’s “collab” feature and how to use it to your benefit.

    If the collaboration feature is not available in your app you might need to update Instagram.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels


    Instagram, a photo-sharing and editing app, has more than one billion monthly active users and is one of the most famous social platforms worldwide.

    According to research, as of July 2021, India was the leading country based on Instagram audience size with 180 million users followed by the United States.

    In Instagram, we now have a feature to collaborate with our friends on feed posts and reels. 

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Now you can invite your friends as “collaborators” on your feed posts and reels and can increase the reach of your content by sharing on their follower base.

    But why collaborate?

    Benefits Of Collaboration in Instagram?

    Collaboration in Instagram is an activity of functioning together towards a common objective that is to achieve some business benefit.

    If you feel like your reach is limited and you’re talking to the same boring audience, it’s time for a change.

    When you collaborate with your friends on Instagram, you not only reach your audience, but also share your content to your friend’s followers which widens your reach, and you instantly gain access to brand new followers.

    The “collab” feature has made it simpler than ever before for influencers to collaborate with brands.

    This way, the brands see an increase in sales and the influencers reach a new audience and boost engagement.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    These benefits get multiplied if you can efficiently make creative posts and are ready to experiment with new ideas.

    So, if you’re interested in boosting your Instagram engagement, collaboration is your way.

    And now that you know the benefits of collaborating on Instagram let’s now discuss what really is the “collab” feature?

    What is the “Collab” Feature in Instagram?

    With India being a country with the greatest number of active users, Instagram decided to test a “collab” feature wherein content creators and influencers can collaborate on other people’s feed posts and reels and can reach a new audience and increase engagement.

    Now all the new influencers who are trying their hands on Instagram Marketing or want to try Influencer Marketing, have all the resources, more than before with the “collab” feature as their most utilitarian feature.

    Yeah, but how does it actually work in a real-life scenario?


    How does the “Collab” Feature work on Instagram?

    Nothing much changed in the process of posting, but you need to know how the “collab” feature on Instagram actually works, to fully use it to your own benefit.

    Here’s a step by step process of how the new “collab” feature in Instagram works:

    1. With Instagram “Collab” feature, users can now invite other people/accounts to appear “as a collaborator” on their new posts and reels.

    2. Once the other user accepts the invitation of becoming a collaborator, both of the user accounts involved in the post/reel will appear on the post or reel as tagged and the same post/reel will also be shared with both accounts’ followers.

    3. With this “collab” feature, only one user has to post it on his/her feed/account while the other user gets to share the Post/Reel from his account given that he accepts the invitation to collaborate.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Also, according to Instagram, the “collab” feature allows both users to see the shared feedback on their posts/reels.

    4. With this feature, normal users can also invite their friends and families to collaborate on a post or reel, and if the other user accepts the invitation, both creators appear on the post.

    5. Like, for instance, if you and your friend travelled together on a trip or vacation, instead of sharing the same photo  on both of your Instagram accounts, why not collaborate on a post and get your content shared with both  of your followers.

    This way you could reach a new audience and cherish your favourite memory with ease.

    But how to really use it in practice?

    How to really use Instagram’s new “Collab” Feature?

    Now when you have learned so many benefits of the “collab” feature on Instagram, you must be very excited to try it. So, let’s dive into the whole process of using a “collab” feature on your new post/reel:

    Step-1: Click on the [+] (plus) button on the above right corner to create a new post [very basic but had to tell !]

    Step-2: Select what you want to create. It could be a post or reel

    Step-3: In the next step, select a filter or edit your photo on a basic level

    Step-4: Now in the final share screen, click the “Tag People” option and then you would see the “Add Tag” and “Invite Collaborator” options.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Select the “Invite Collaborator” option and search for your friend’s profile or any other user profile you want to collaborate with. Once you select the account you invite them as a “collaborator” on your post.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Step-5: If you want to edit the account you could do it the same way you added the collaborator but just click on the “x” button and the collaborator gets removed.

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Step-6: Also, it’s necessary for the other user to accept the invite to show “as a collaborator”. And it’s worth mentioning Instagram has limited the usage of this feature to people with a public profile only.

    Step-7: Once the other user accepts the invitation to be a collaborator in your post, the creator’s account name will be added as a tagged account and it will appear in the header section of the post or reels.

    Step-8: Congratulation, you’ve successfully used the “collab” feature of Instagram

    Instagram 'Collab' feature for posts and Reels

    Digital Marketing Agencies should also grab this opportunity to make impactful collaboration and expand their customer base and ultimately increase their engagement and hence sales. Read in detail about Top New Updates on Instagram to grow more. 


    The “collab” feature of Instagram came as a blessing for all content creators and influencers out there and have made collaboration easier and faster than ever before.

    Digital Marketing Agencies should also grab this opportunity to make impactful collaboration and expand their customer base and ultimately increase their engagement and hence sales.

    Were you aware of this new & awesome Instagram “collab” feature? Tell us in the comments!



    Nivedita Roy

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