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    increase traffic organically

    You might have a fully functional website, but do you get decent traffic? Is your website well optimized to attract web users?


    With technology all around us, creating a website is crucial for a small business to succeed. It’s the most foundational step to grow your business’ online presence. But just creating a website is not sufficient. You need to drive traffic on your website so you could learn more about the visitors or even convert some of them into your client or partner. But what really is website traffic?

    Why increase website traffic?

    With a boom in the creation of e-commerce stores worldwide, if your website is popular with more people visiting your website, you get more chances to sell your products to them and generate an unprecedented number of sales. It’s important to increase traffic on your website as it increases your company’s visibility on the web and provides the opportunity to interact with potential customers. Digital presence being an essential factor in a company’s success, delivering organic and free traffic on your website is a great way to get started with digital marketing without burning your budget. You could effortlessly market your products or even redirect traffic on your landing page and convert leads and generate sales.

    With more visitors on your website, you get more opportunities at giving impressions, building relationships with potential customers, and generating qualified leads. Building relationships can establish trust, help retain old customers and generate new customers and ultimately aid in selling your product or service.  But exactly how do you increase the traffic on your website?

    How to increase website traffic? 

    These are some of the ways to increase traffic on your website :

    1. Optimizing your website for organic reach

    Optimize your website to contain terms users are searching for and hence drive them to your site. Give thorough descriptions of your services and their benefits. Use blog posts, articles, customer testimonials to improve your search ranking and increase traffic on your website. Use short alt text to describe images for Google to interpret and rank your website.

    2. Optimizing the SEO on your website

    It’s the best way to rank higher in search engines and drive organic traffic. Optimize meta title, description tags and include keywords at correct densities. Identify decaying content of your older posts and update them if they’re still valuable. Improve the user experience on your website to rank higher.

    3. Optimize your Social Media Presence

    With 3.96 billion social media users, it’s high time to optimize your social media presence. Identify social media apps where your customers are active. Optimize your social media bio’s and drop backlinks to your site. Promote your blog content via social media and redirect traffic to your website. Focus on increasing social shares by making it easier for existing customers to share content. Build a better social strategy and post when your users are most active. Share more visual content like infographics, images, graphs or even videos as these get more social shares. Engage with your audience consistently by responding to tweets and replying to comments mentioning your business.

    Want to learn more? 

    You can read more about how to Grow your Business in our How to boost your Business online.


    Website traffic is one of the metrics to measure the success of a business online, but not the only one out there. But for small businesses just starting, this is the best way to generate more sales, increase brand visibility and build brand recognition. With increased traffic on your website, you could strategize better marketing campaigns to convert leads and generate more sales.


    Nivedita Roy

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