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    Do you get overwhelmed by new Instagram features released every week? Want to keep a track of new Instagram updates in 2021 and want a summary of all new and trending features? 

    Don’t worry and follow this list of the top Instagram updates in 2021 and acknowledge yourself with all the features and have all the tools in your arsenal so you could use them to their fullest to grow on Instagram!


    Instagram, with more than 1 billion monthly active users is the most famous social media platform with India having the largest audience of 180 million users as of July 2021. 

    Thus, keeping up with the latest trends and staying up to date with all the new features is a necessity to grow in Instagram in 2021. 

    If you know about all the tools and features Instagram provides you, you’d have an edge in terms of utilizing the tools to their full potential and in turn reaping their benefits in form of engagement and traffic. 

    So follow this list of all new updates and features and never miss out on any tools to grow on Instagram in 2021. 

    Here’s a list of all the new features in Instagram in 2021:

    1.       Performance Tracking Professional Dashboard

    One of the most utilitarian features for all business and creators accounts on Instagram, this professional dashboard tracks your performance in Instagram and provides valuable insights for individual creators and small businesses to grow in Instagram in 2021.

    Performance Tracking

    1.       Let’s discover valuable insights and trends about your Instagram account’s performance.
    2.       Small businesses gain access to a whole new set of tools that help them build their business, run it efficiently and check monetization status and eligibility.
    3.       You could use Instagram to its fullest potential and this feature helps you achieve that by providing tips, tricks, guidance, and many more such educational resources.

    2.       Live Rooms

    Did you want an Instagram feature that encourages live communication? Well, it seems your dream has come true. 

    Instagram recently announced that with the Live Rooms feature you could have live communication with 3 members which was previously restricted to only 2 persons in a live session. 

     Live Rooms

    You could now host talk shows, chill with your friends, share how-to tutorials or even conduct Q&A sessions with your followers.

    This is how you would use this feature in the real-life scenario:

    1.       Go to your Instagram account and swipe left
    2.       Click on the live camera option and add a title
    3.       Once you go live spend some time with your audience
    4.       Then click on the room icon and invite accounts to join

    3.       Cross-App Messaging

    With this feature, you can send a message to your friend’s Instagram account without even leaving the messenger app and vice versa.

    Cross-App Messaging 

    Now users from one app can locate or even message other people on another app without leaving that app. It also allows you to have a video chat or even reshare posts across Facebook and Instagram.

    4.       Recently Deleted 

    This feature not only lets you access your deleted content but protects you from hackers who delete your posts when accessing your account.


    The recently deleted folder keeps your deleted stories for one day and stores your deleted photos, videos, reels and IGTV videos for 30 days. 

    You can easily access your deleted content by just going to “settings” and navigating “Account”. 

    Now enter the “Recently Deleted” folder and restore or permanently delete your content after verifying that you’re the right account holder. 

    5.       Remix Reels 

    Did it happen sometime that you liked someone else’s reel so much you wanted it to include in your reel? Guess what, you get this convenience in the form of a feature called “reels-remix”. 

     With this feature, users can now use other people’s content in their videos and make a remix of footage from both of the accounts.

    Remix Reels


    When you remix any other user’s content, he/she gets a notification.

    Here’s how you could use this feature:

    1.       Just scroll up and click on your favourite reel
    2.       Click on three dots at the top or bottom of the screen depending on the device you’re viewing on
    3.       Click on the “remix this reel” button to mix it. You may or may not see this option depending on the permission set by the original creator
    4.       Both of your reels will feature on the opposite side, and you need to click the reels button and shoot your reel.  

    6.       Reels and Insta Live Insights

    Did you struggle a lot in measuring your growth on Instagram? Well, now you have the new Instagram update in 2021 which allows you to track the performance of your reels and Insta live.

     Now if you are a creator or a business you can easily track your performance on Instagram with these new updates in Insight products. 

    Reels and Insta Live Insights


    For reels, now you get to measure your content’s effectiveness by looking at various metrics and even track which accounts you reached.

     And for Insta lives, you could check the impressions in the form of accounts reached and track your performance through shares, comments, and peak concurrency. 

    You must know the importance of content performance so having the feature of Account Insights, you can get the information about the types of account you’re reaching, and at your fingertips.

     With the kind of power of analytics and transparency the Account Insights feature provides you, you can easily maintain a successful content promotion and grow in Instagram in 2021.

    7.       Collab Feature for Reel

    Instagram recently announced a truly utilitarian feature called the “collab” feature which allows people to invite other accounts on their post/reels and collaborate with them. 

    With this new feature, it’s now possible for people to invite their friends to show as a collaborator on their post/reels if they accept the invitation. 

    Once the invitation is accepted, both of the accounts will appear as tagged accounts on the post and both accounts will receive shared feedback and their post will cater to followers of both accounts.

     For more information on the “collab” feature, check out our blog detailing what is collab feature is and how to use it.   

    8.       Limits Feature

    Are you disturbed by the offensive messages on Instagram? Use the limit feature to hide any abusive content. 

    This extremely useful feature protects public figures from abusive comments and DM’s by limiting or hiding comments or messages by people who are not followers of that account or have recently followed them.

    Also, there’s a new feature called “hidden words” for Direct Messages (DM’s). On using this feature, you could filter out all the offensive content that later gets stored in a “hidden” folder.

     Limits Feature

    Follow these steps to use the “Limit” feature and “hidden words” option:

    1.       Go to settings
    2.       Open Privacy settings
    3.       To activate the “Limits” feature, click on Limit and choose which group you want to hide and for how long and turn it on.
    4.       To use the “hidden words” feature, select the hidden words option and choose what you want to filter.


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