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    What is SEM?

    Search engine marketing (SEM), also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid search, is a form of online marketing that aims to raise the online visibility of a website in the search engine. With an increasing number of internet users who research and shop products and services online, this only marketing strategy has become crucial to ensure that your business’s products or services are visible in search engines.
    SEM- Nuformsocial

    What are the benefits of engine marketing important?

    Search engine marketing is important for the following reasons:

    Generate high-quality traffic 

    A well-constructed SEM strategy can also boost your website’s SEO by attracting high-quality traffic. Therefore, SEM becomes very important when it comes to building a collective pitch to receive traffic from various web properties in the internet world.

    Greater visibility/better brand recognition 

    By increasing your online presence, SEM can help you enhance your brand awareness and the brand equity of your products and services. This is because the higher your product or service ranks in search engines like google, the more likely people will visit your website and prefer you or even recommend your offerings.

    Measurable growth

    One great benefit of search engine marketing is that its results are easily measurable. Most of the search engine marketing tools give us detailed and in-depth campaign analysis reports so you can continually optimize your keyword mix, the amount of money you spend, and the content you use. Therefore you can make more educated decisions when it comes to budgeting.

    Greater campaign control 

    Pay Per Click is one of the most widespread paid search models that give businesses much more control than traditional paid advertising. The greatest strength of SEM is that it offers businesses the opportunity to display their ads in front of motivated consumers who are willing to buy their services/products.

    Better conversion rates

    One other key benefit of search engine marketing for businesses is that paid ads offer better CTR and higher conversions than more passive forms of marketing.

    What does our SEM plan consist of?

    To make your business stand out from the competition, our search engine marketing agency follows a systematic approach to search advertising:

    Detailed keyword research

    Keywords are the words or phrases that people use to look for things on the internet. Thus, we can say that keywords are the heart of search engine marketing. Therefore, before choosing keywords to use in your search engine marketing campaigns, our SEM team performs comprehensive research and selects the keywords that are most related to your business using advanced keyword tools.

    Setting up an Ad account and tracking.

    A perfect ad account structure can help us achieve higher click-through rates, lower costs-per click, and great performance overall. Our experts help you develop a great ad account on platforms such as Google Ads. The ad account comprises Ad campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, Ad-texts, and landing pages. We also make sure to run lead-tracking reports on conversions so that we can smartly use our bidding strategies.

    Ads creation and linking with landing page 

    After we have identified the target keywords, we organize them into concise ad groups to display in search results. Next, our experts link the ads to unique and optimized landing pages. In other words, the clicks are redirected to the well-designed landing pages that can get us conversions and prompt users to take action.

    Launching the paid search campaign 

    We closely manage and monitor your PPC campaign settings, such as areas, demographics, and queries, to determine how your ads will run. With this, we can efficiently optimize the ad budget- for instance, we boost the ad spend on a location that works and reduce ad spend in areas that don’t work.  

    Generating inbound links with reputed sites

    Generating inbound links with reputed sites gives google an understanding of the fact that your website is valuable and therefore ranks you higher in search engine results. Therefore, for your website to generate more traffic and achieve higher domain authority, we work on attracting high-quality links from popular industry authorities, relevant blogs, reputable blogs, and recognizable directories.

    Evaluation and analysis

    To assess the performance of our efforts, we regularly monitor and evaluate the campaigns using your key performance indicators (KPIs), including click-through rate (CTR), Quality score, search impression share, and cost per conversion. We use these metrics to strengthen the impact of your next campaigns.

    Why choose us?

    At Nuform Social, we have a great team of experienced professionals who work diligently to help you generate a lot of high-quality traffic to your website. We help you build a distinctive brand presence across paid channels with our best search engine marketing strategies. So if you want a customized SEM plan to achieve your business goals, contact us today.
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