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    Instagram Social Media


    Are you overwhelmed by so many tools and functionalities provided by Instagram? Do you often get confused on how to use each tool to its fullest so that you get benefitted at the end?


     If you’re a social media marketer these tools and metrics are a cup of tea for you. 


    But for the general public, may face issues operating some of the features.


    Don’t worry, we all have faced such issues once! Just follow this list of common issues faced with some of the most underrated Instagram functionalities so you don’t get confused again!


    What is Instagram vanish mode?

    vanish mode 1

    Want to have private chats that you don’t reflect in your chat history! Well, now it’s possible with Instagram’s vanish mode.


    Once the vanish mode is turned on, your messages with a particular person or account get erased once the chat ends. 


    These messages happen in a special chat and are temporary and self-destruct, but you need to turn on the vanish mode for this feature to work, otherwise, your messages would become permanent. 


    Debuted in late 2020 as a new feature, this mode lets you have private chats which get erased when the other person has seen the message and once the chat gets over. But how to use this feature really:

    Vanish Mode 2


    •       Open your Instagram app and open the chats and click the account you want to have chat with.


    •       Then swipe up from the bottom and you’ll enter vanish mode. If you don’t enter and see the “get vanish mode” option, just click on it and update the Instagram app.


    •       Just message what you feel is private in a black screen like background and let the user read the message. Once they’ve seen it and you exit the chat, the message disappears once and for all!


    •       Now, to exit the vanish mode just swipe up from the bottom and the screen will have a white background which indicates you’ve exited the vanish mode.


     Now once you exit the chat, then only the message disappears!

    How to pin comments on Instagram? 

    Did you miss the feature to pin comments on Instagram as you could have on YouTube? 


    Don’t worry as Instagram has rolled out its new feature of pinning comments in posts that are highlighted to a person reading the post. 


    This way the users can reflect a positive tone via the comments on their posts and even moderate comments involving abuse or negativity.


    How to pin a comment on Instagram:

    Pin Comment Image

    • Open your Instagram app and explore different posts


    • Now open any one of the posts and go through the comments


    • Now once you find a comment so good, you want to feature it, just swipe on its left.


    • Now you’ll see a thumbtack icon, click on it.


    • Once you click, you’ll need to go through how pinned comments work, and you’ll be given a choice to pin the comment


    • Click on “pin comment” and the comment now gets fixed at the top of the thread. But you can pin up to 3 comments only.

    How to turn off a business account on Instagram?

    Do you want to switch back to a personal Instagram account from a business account but are confused about how to?


    Don’t worry, we have listed all the steps to turn off a business account on Instagram. 


    One of the easiest functionalities on Instagram, let’s dive deep and discuss the steps:

    • First, open your Instagram app


    • Then navigate the profile tab and click on it


    • Then click on the menu and go to settings


    • Now go to Account and click on Switch to Personal Account


    • Finally, just tap on Switch Back to confirm the process and congrats you’ve successfully turned off your business account.


    • Also, keep in mind that once you switch back to a personal account, all your data and analytics of your business account will be completely erased.

    So, if you feel that your business didn’t scale up, now you have an option to change back into a personal account, so just follow the above steps to do so!

    How to update Instagram messenger

    Do you possess a unique love for Facebook messenger? If yes, Instagram is here with a new update to introduce all the features of Facebook Messenger in their app. 


    This update promises Cross-App Messaging, wherein you’ll be able to message your Facebook friends being in the Instagram app. 


    This is possible by the upgrade where the normal direct message icon in the Instagram app is changed to a Facebook Messenger icon will all the features of Messenger merged into the Instagram app.


    Yeah, but what’s so new in this feature? 


    With Facebook blending all its features into Instagram, the messaging in Instagram is revolutionized with a Cross-App Messaging feature wherein we can seamlessly communicate with our Messenger friends being in Instagram. 


    Guess what!! You can now share video content with your Messenger friends while you’re in a video chat by clicking on the video icon and selecting the content you want to watch together.


    Okay, but how to update Instagram Messenger to experience these awesome new features? Here’s how:


    • Go to your Instagram app and click on the DM icon
    • Once you tap on it, you’ll be shown a pop up telling you to upgrade to Messenger so click on Update
    • Then a page appears that informs you about the up-gradation of your messaging being completed
    • If by any chance you clicked the Not Now button, you’ll need to follow a whole new process
    • Go to your profile tab and click on Menu (3 lines on the top right)
    • Now, enter Settings and tap on Update Messaging and click on Update. And you’re done!


    Nivedita Roy

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